My name is Daisy, I’m 18 years old and live in the United Kingdom, and will soon be studying Computer Science with Games Programming at a university.

I started playing video games at a young age, with my first console being the original PlayStation, allowing me to play games like Rayman, FIFA, and Croc. Eventually I got access to more consoles such as the PlayStation 2, Gameboy Advance, and the Gamecube, which are all heavy influences on my video game taste.

My favourite games are The World Ends With You and Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix. Other favourites include Sonic Advance, Team Fortress 2, and Splatoon.

I often find myself discussing video games with myself in my head as I go about my business, prompting me to start reviewing some video games in late 2016. After the disappointment of playing Pokémon Moon, I opened a Metacritic account to write reviews. Sharing my opinion felt pretty good, so I created this blog in June 2017 to express my various opinions and to improve my writing skills.