Writing on GBAtemp


Hi! I’ve moved over to GBAtemp to write my reviews from now on.

I may still post reviews of games on this blog in the future, as well as other content, but I will  be focused on reviews that I write for GBAtemp. I’ll occasionally post links to my reviews here, though!

Thanks for following and supporting me! If you want to keep up with the reviews I write, you can follow me on Patreon! My posts are public, and you don’t need to support me to see them. Just click the ‘Follow’ button, and it should show up in your Patreon feed!

I’ll also be active on my Twitter, where I will also share my reviews, as well as other posts. Feel free to follow me there, too

The last year or so has been one hell of a ride, I never thought I could write reviews anywhere outside of a small personal blog. Thanks to everyone who reads my reviews, and a special thanks to Alexander Haynes for setting me off in the right direction, and to Caleb Kirkland, my Patreon supporter. You can check out his gaming blog here!




@DaisyGameReview on Twitter



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