Why I’m not all that excited for Sonic Forces


Why I’m wary of Sonic Forces

In July last year, SEGA held an event in which they revealed both Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania. Whilst I was initially excited about this event, the reveals left me very sceptical.

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I have grown to become fond of Sonic Mania over the last year. I was initially displeased with the its reveal, with my main source of animosity being the fact that it heavily overshadows Forces. A low-budget game like Mania being more exciting and enjoyable than something Sonic Team have worked on for 4 years just rubbed me the wrong way.

Sonic Forces is very clearly playing it safe. The previous two boost-style games have received positive reviews, but I fear that the formula is getting stale. In my Sonic Generations review, I claimed that Sonic Generations’ appeal hinges on nostalgia. The lack of this element in Forces worries me. Whilst Classic Sonic is once again present, his gameplay and overall existence in this game will be heavily eclipsed by the existence of Sonic Mania – a game that quite clearly has more nostalgic appeal, and more enticing 2D gameplay.


One of the biggest problems that plagues both Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations is the overwhelming number of 2D sections. I would welcome 2D sections if they were short and enjoyable, but alas, the long and tiresome 2D sections in the aforementioned games are unbearable. The controls simply aren’t tight enough for fun platforming, making each section tedious and frustrating. Sonic Forces looks like it will contain just as much 2D as Sonic Generations, if not more.

For a while, I held onto the possibility that the mysterious ‘third gameplay style’ could be unadulterated and exciting 3D. However, this dream was crushed by the unveiling of the custom character, who seems to have similar stages to Modern Sonic. Whilst I’m not opposed to the custom character, I don’t think the gameplay style is distinct enough to make it interesting.

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Overall, whilst I’m still looking forward to the release of Sonic Forces, I find myself more gravitated to Sonic Mania. Sonic Forces seems like an incredibly safe play by SEGA, and unlike Generations, there is little to no nostalgia to back it up. This leaves me worrying that Forces will be a big disappointment.


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