Super Mario Bros. 3 Review


Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988)

Super Mario Bros. 3 has always been a stunning game. It is in every way an improvement to the original Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros. 2. Its broad range of environments and power-ups makes it, in my opinion, the best Mario game of all time.

Image result for smb3 title screen

Super Mario Bros. 3 builds from the original Super Mario Bros. by adding new power-ups, environments, and game mechanics. Each of these elements is an important ingredient of Super Mario Bros. 3s unending fun.

Super Mario Bros. 3 adds four new power-ups, bringing the total to six. These exciting new power-ups can affect how you decide to tackle a level. The frog suit, for example, is not a spectacular power-up to use on land, but fills a great niche in underwater levels. The most notable power-up introduced is the ‘Super Leaf’, which allows Mario to fly. This allows for a great opportunity to explore, with many levels having hidden alternate paths. The new ability to store power ups is most welcome, as it can ease the challenge presented by the later levels. Super Mario Bros. 3 also introduces several temporary power-ups, such as the ‘Kuribo’s Shoe’, which allows you to jump on spikes.

The new environments that Super Mario Bros. 3 introduces much needed variety to the stages, which the original Super Mario Bros. lacked. Like the original, Super Mario Bros. 3 has 8 worlds for you to play through. However, it has a variety of different themes for each world, including a desert theme, a snow theme, and a cloud theme. The new stage elements introduced for each theme are great for retaining your interest. Super Mario Bros. 3 also provides increased variety with intense ‘Athletic’ stages, which have you running through a scrolling level. Super Mario Bros. 3 also has a charmingly unique aesthetic in which the game appears to be taking place in a theatre, making the graphics a lot more interesting than in Super Mario Bros.

Overall, Super Mario Bros. 3 is my favourite Mario game of all time, with its only rival being Super Mario World. It has the best power-up selection of any Mario game to date, and every level is a blast to play, with the perfect combination of challenge and fun, no matter the system you play it on.



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